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About Us

I have been involved in the health and fitness industry both directly and indirectly for over 24 years. I have worked as a personal trainer for over 18 years and worked with men, women, children and adolescents ages ranging from 8 to 76 years. More over I have experienced working with amateur athletes in Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Tennis and Body Building . I also have many years of experience working with seniors and expecting women in their 3rd trimester. I have also worked with many clients from various different cultures, ethnicities and genetic backgrounds.
Most of the sports specific training is done on location with the exception of outdoor circuit training.
I am CanFit Certified for Personal Training and Nutrition and ACE fit Certified. I myself have played Semi-Pro Hockey for over 5 years and have competed in Level 2 armature Body Building in Ontario. In my spare time I have currently begun to training and development and eventually certification for lifestyle coaching which is becoming a very strong asset of mine.

In recent years I have worked as a senior personal trainer and manager in major corporate gyms such as Bally’s Total Fitness, Extreme Fitness and GoodLife which has provided a wide range of exposure to different clientele and great work experience.

I specialize in weight loss, strength and conditioning, pregnancy training, biometrics, sports specific training, circuit training and functional training, physiotherapy and disability training. Please see the services page for more information and sample videos.

Working with Clients

Working with clients can be a privilege or blessing but can also be obstreperous. In either case the job at hand is the same for all clients, which is to help them achieve their goals and get the results they are looking for. Everything else learned along the way can be applicable in more than one area of concentration. Providing a healthy level of control and influence and maintaining a balance is an important part of any client/trainer relationship. This is a skill set that usually develops throughout years of experience. It can be difficult to develop as some clients pose more a problem when trying to attain the proper control and influence. As an experienced certified trainer, I find that the general approach cannot be too overbearing but cannot leave much room for a client to avoid the important principles that are required to be sustained.
Good communication and information exchange is also a vital key component for any successful client/trainer relationship which also develops over years of experience as a personal trainer. This important factor allows for any personal trainer to access vital information regarding a client`s mental, physical and even spiritual state, which in turn can feed into building a proper training regiment, diet plan and other essential tools. In addition, this also allows the trainer to customize these tools to make them more affective during each periodization (phase of training).