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* I have been training with Michael for the past year. This in itself is a feat for me as i have had many trainers over the years and my motivation and commitment fizzled very quickly with them. From my first meeting with Mike, he mentioned what he thought was going to be my biggest challenge that I would face in my pursuit of getting fit. He somehow knew that mentally and psychogically i would be struggling with food as my biggest obstacle. He was indeed correct and thus why it has taken me a longer time to reach my goal, but in saying this, i am currently in the best shape of my life!

I am completely defined everywhere and you canhttps://personal-trainertoronto.ca/wp-admin/plugins.php see all my muscle development. I would not be where i am today if I did not have Michael as my trainer who has kept me coming back week after week. I truly believe my success today is due to Michael and his no-bullshit attitude. Also in saying this, Michael is completely approachable and very understanding of each of his client’s needs and struggles they may face/endure and is supportive in problem-solving and keeping you on track.

From my own personal experience, i have found Michael to be extremely innovative and creative never leaving me bored from mudane routines and excersises. Michael doesn’t only train you in the gym, he also provides guidance and wisdom by helping you create/devise a Diet that will fit your needs which is constantly evolving as training goes on. In addition, Michael plans out each week my work-outs and request that I keep in touch with him to keep him abreast of what i need to be doing on my own outside the gym. He is so supportive and a wonderful cheerleader in and out of the studio.

If you are looking to make a change in your life and really need the support and guidance of someone qualified and who cares, then you need to connect with Michael and see how he can really make a difference in your life and helping you attain the goal of becoming fitter and healthier in this ever-evolving world.

Keren Troyna

* I was 24 years old and had been working out with my buddies for over 8 years at the local gym with limited results. One session with Mike left me very impressed with the quality of his training, but I still didn’t want to spend the money for a trainer. In the next few weeks I tried to copy exactly what Mike had done with me but it just wasn’t the same. Finally I gave in, and signed up with Mike full-time. It was the best decision I could have made.

During my training, Mike has brought me from 165 to 180 Lbs while my body fat dropped from 14% to 11%. He has pushed me to go further than I ever could have on my own. Thanks to his expertise, my Definition, Power and Endurance are way better than when I started out. And I haven’t had any injuries from lifting weights since I started training with him.

Thanks Mike!

Rob Just

* Losing weight has always been a battle. I have done numerous diets, from “quick fix” ones to organized, supervised diets. I would lose weight and then gain it back; I would either gain part of it, or at times, more than what I had lost. After a while a friend of mine introduced me to exercise classes, and I began to see some sustainable success in my weight loss fight. However, I reached a point where no matter how much I dieted and worked out, I could not get passed a certain point in my weight. Throughout this battle, I realized that I cannot achieve better results, without changing my workout routine. Due to my lack of knowledge in training, I decided to get help and get a personal trainer.

I’ve been training with Michael for 13 weeks, twice a week, and have achieved more results than in half year of training by myself. I lost 4lbs of fat, 6 cm around my waist and my body is gaining muscle definition. Michael emails me a personalized workout schedule weekly and provides me with a diet plan. Working out with Michael, requires concentration, focus and the ability to absorb the knowledge he is providing about each exercise. His professional, calm, and determined character, in addition to the extensive knowledge he possess make him an extremely successful personal trainer.

Maria Neag

* I’m 26 years old and I have always struggled to gain weight. I was underweight my entire life. Last year before I began training with Michael I was 97lbs. I was hesitant to hire a Trainer in the beginning, I was thinking about the money and was concerned that perhaps I may get stuck with a trainer that treats all of their clients the same and that does not put a lot of effort in. I have seen some trainers do the same routine’s with all of their clients. While their clients are doing an exercise the trainer is looking around the gym and not paying attention to their client.

In February of 2013 I decided I had had enough of struggling and decided to hire a personal trainer.
I began training with Michael and in 2 months I was up to 110Lbs. Michael’s style was a perfect fit for me, he is professional, relaxed and determined. He has pushed me to do things that I would have never thought would be possible, without him there is no way I would have been able to do this on my own. Michael has motivated me immensely not only physically but mentally as well. I consider myself to be very lucky to have Michael as my personal trainer and also consider him to be a friend. 8 Months training with Michael and my Current weight is at 115lbs. I have so much more energy, confidence and endurance than I have ever had. If you are serious about training I would strongly recommend that you get in touch with Michael. Training with Michael was the best thing that I have ever done for myself.

Lysaa Milley

* Growing up I never had any weight problems. For the most part, I was always considered “the skinny bitch” of the group. Things started changing, however, after the age of 25. I noticed that my metabolism began slowing down and my physique started changing. Never having experienced body image issues, I paid no attention to the matter. I continued eating the same way despite a marked decrease in my physical activity. The years went by.

Then, one day, I got on the scale and realized the truth staring me bluntly in the face – I was nearly 150 lbs. At nary 5 feet 4 inches tall, I disdainfully remembered hardly being over 100 lbs! Where had all this extra weight come from and how had I let it happen? I looked at myself in the mirror and became petrified: it was no longer just the scale that taunted me but my very own reflection!

I decided a change was direly required. But where to start? I had been active in life, a gymnast in childhood and then an avid swimmer, basketball player and competitive rollerblader. Unfortunately those things were in the past. The gym, along with all its accoutrements, had never inspired nor appealed to me. I felt lost, confused, and mildly ashamed.

My husband also found himself in the same situation. Together, we came to the conclusion that the first thing that had to be overhauled was our diet. We gradually became flexitarians – mostly vegan, with occasional “cheats” here and there. We began seeing changes in our bodies, but it all too soon became evident that just modifying our dietary regimen wasn’t enough. The body yearned for something more. It yearned for exercise and activity. My husband, who formerly had been an amateur bodybuilder, returned to his old gym habits and started training again. Short on time, he purchased his own equipment and made himself a gym at home. His body changed even more and the weight kept coming off. But me? That was a whole different issue. The whole concept of weight training, of sweating while lifting, pulling, and pushing oddly shaped contraptions in repetitive, uniform, banal sets just didn’t appeal. There was no palpable motivation in it for me.

That’s when a friend of mine introduced me to Michael. She had been training with him for some time and her results, which lagged for numerous years while exercising on her own, suddenly blossomed. She looked sculpted and toned and had more energy than I had ever seen before. Surely this Michael was doing something right! After much convincing from both her and my husband, I decided to give Michael a try.

I haven’t looked back since.

I have now been training with Michael for over 9 months. In that time, I have lost nearly 30 lbs… and that’s just the beginning of it. Michael has managed, in this short period of time, to do the impossible: give me that motivation that I simply couldn’t seem to find. Knowledgeable in all things exercise, Michael first showed me how that horrid “gym” thing could be fun, inspiring, and fruitful. He always keeps things interesting, varying your exercises at each session and constantly challenging you to push yourself not just harder than you ever have before but harder than you ever thought you could. True to my friend’s words, he has actually made me love working out.

Through his inviting and amiable nature, Michael allows his clients to feel comfortable in his setting. He tailors each session to meet my standards, not his. He points out areas that need work and provides not just the on-hands training but the theoretical knowledge to continue the work outside his training facility. Some would call it homework (Michael does!), but he instills in you the idea that training isn’t just something you do. It’s a lifestyle. Michael diligently sends you personalized workouts to complete in your days away from his sessions so that you can achieve results quicker and more predictably. He also constantly makes changes to your diet to reflect your changing training needs, even when that means accommodating crazy vegans! Under his tutelage, not only have I developed a stronger, healthier, better looking body but I have learned that with dedication, hard work, and proper guidance change is possible, no matter how great.

Thank you Michael for changing my life.


Diana Erbiceanu